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Hands By Sherwood

Defender of The Faith

Everything That Rises


Thank You Ma'am

The Book Keeper

The Thief And His Little Daughter

The Censors

The Tree

Two Fables by Aesop

Uncle Ben

Peasant Marey

War By Luigi Pirandello 

The Gift Of The Magi

A Yom Kippur Scandal

Alyosha The Pot

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Silence - Edgar Lee Masters

The Lottery



The Fisherman And His Wife

The Singing Drum

There Will Come Soft Rains

Luke 10

1001 Arabian Nights

The Allegory of the Cave

Baal Shem Tov


Ring of Gyges

North American Tribal Tales


The story of an hour

A very old man with enormous wings

The furnished room


The untold lie

The heavenly christmas tree

The Necklace

Mother in Mannville

The Verger

The Old Man at the Bridge

The Last Leaf

Was It a Dream?

In Another Country

The jumping frog of Calaveras County

In A Grove

Trial by Combat

Tom Edison's Shaggy Dog

The Balloon

She Unnames Them

Parker's Back

Chura & Marwe

Iliad Book 22

The Greedy Farmer



The Three Hermits

By the Waters of Babylon

and I

In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

The Lesson

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