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Spire Fire Wisdom Article Links

Living for the Glory of God                                        Our Road to Emmaus

A Mother's Prayer                                                       No Monopoly on Holiness

People Who Inspire Others                                       Four Ways to Receive Joy

The Truth of Our Lives                                              Finding A Place to Pray

A Morning Prayer                                                       Ignatian Quietude

Ignatian Optimism                                                      Peaceful Steps

Holy Stretching                                                           The Time to Pray

Prayer is Sharing Our Presence                                   God in the Wounds

The Rich Man & The Look of Love                           Resting in God

A Spirituality of Study                                                 A Chance Encounter w/ Divine Intervention

I Saw You Today                                                        A Lesson From Science Class

Finding Your Perfect Point of Gratitude                     Blessed by Less

Seeing Beyond our Frustrations                                  Praying on Vacation

We Cannot Stop at Thank You                                  Our 5 Senses & Being Fully Alive

An Extraordinary Team of Saints                                Touching the Stars

Walking the Labyrinth                                                Eating as Prayer

A Recipe for Gratitude                                                Finding God in the Soundtrack of Life

Four Seconds                                                              Our Intrusive God

What Could Have Been                                             Being People for Others

Who Are You?                                                           Peace in Tumultuous Times

In God's Waiting Room                                              Discernment at Different Stages of Life

A Gratitude Resolution                                               The Inner Process of Letting Go

Faced with What We Lack                                         Self-Awareness and Spirituality

A Mission of Mercy                                                     The Money Examen

Zacchaeus: Surprised by Mercy                                  Loving our Enemies

Healthy Confusion                                                      Hope is an Art

Come as You Are                                                       What is an Unhealthy Attachment?

Stay Here With Me                                                     What Was God Calling Me to Do?

Free at Last?                                                                Transforming Negativity Through Prayer

The Way of Pilgrimage                                               Minding Our Thought Patterns

Who, Me?                                                                  When Life Goes in a Different Direction

Holiness, the Beatitudes, and Discernment                 Education, Happiness, & Problem Solving

Accessible Sainthood                                                  Four Strategies for Discernment

The Chapel that Moves with Us                                  Relating to Family Members Spiritually

Asking for What We Want                                         Sacred Time

Beating Loneliness                                                      24-Hour Life & Death Discernment

Ignatian Indifference                                                   When We Ask for Light

Magis - More                                                               Darth Vader & the Spiritual Exercises

Children Lead Us to Find God                                  

Taking Off My Shoes

Wisdom Story Examen

Three Reasons It Is Hard to be Still

What is Your Image of God?

The Journey Backward

Sin, The Breaking of Relationship

My Choices as God Might See Them

Words of Wisdom

An Examen of Quiet

Recognizing the Resurrection Takes Time

Discernment in Times of Injustice

The Third Method of Prayer

Saints: Anchored in Hope

Using Creativity to Heal the World

Resume & Eulogy Virtues

What's the Real Problem I'm Trying to Solve?

Living with Unexpected Change

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